3 Analytics is a Silicon Valley based AI Drug & Device Safety Analytics startup, to help Pharmas and Medical Device companies with risk mitigation and faster compliance. We aggregate multiple data sources and use advanced algorithms to predict & prevent Adverse Events, save patient lives and reduce the economic burden on the healthcare system.



​3 Analytics is founded by people who are passionate about saving lives, using state-of-the-art technology. We believe we can make an impact in this world, by reducing the number of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs)/Adverse Events (AEs) and reduce pain and suffering as well as loss of lives. The founding team has 75 years of aggregate experience in Software Engineering, Pharma Domain & Entrepreneurship. The complimentary skills of the founding team, along with its deep conviction is propelling 3Analytics to accomplish its vision to:

1. Reduce ADRs/AEs, Compliance Cost & Healthcare Cost

2. Save Lives  

3. Ensure Safer Drug & Device Development



Only platform to address the needs of all the stakeholders in the entire healthcare spectrum.

1. Patients

2. Health care professionals which includes Doctors, Surgeons, other specialists

3. Regulators, Government Health Agencies

4. Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices, and Biotech

5. Medical affairs including Medical information and Health Economic and Outcome Research

6. Pharmacovigilance including Risk management

7. Research & Development including preclinical and clinical development

8. Regulatory function

9. Academic research Organizations

10. CRO and other service providers

11. Cosmetics



If you share our Vision, we welcome you to join us. We have the following positions open:
1. Subject Matter Expert
2. AI Developer
3. Tester
4. Product manager


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