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Analytics & Compliance Automation Platform

Enabling safety of Drugs, Vaccines, Devices and Cosmetics

Covid 19 - Need For Urgency

Impacts of Adverse Drug Reactions

2 million

ADRs every year


deaths annually in the U.S.


leading cause of death

Current Challenges

No reliable and cost effective early warning system

Increasing case data with Aging Population and Polypharmacy

No single integrated & deduplicated ADR data set

Different Pharmacovigilance Process, Systems, People and Compliance

No platform for active surveillance of vaccine Adverse Effects

Delayed response causing serious consequences with millions taking COVID Vaccines

Our Solution

Revolutionizing Safety & Compliance Systems
Near Real Time AI based analytics

One Platform for Multiple Utilities


  Medical Devices


Going Beyond Compliance

Comprehensive, Integrated, Quicker, Reliable, Cost Effective, Easy To Use Platform

Our powerful algorithms harmonize and integrate data to discover patterns and trends that proactively identifies potential ADR risks which are a preventable cause of death

Complimentary Founding Team

With Pharmacovigilance,Technology and Business Skills Aggregated Over 70+ Years

Established by a team of domain experts and Silicon Valley technologists

Founded with a vision to save lives

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